Warning Signs Of A Bad Dock Leveler

Warning Signs of a Bad Dock Leveler

If you’re in the market for a new commercial dock leveler, it’s important to know what to look for. Before making a purchase, you should understand the warning signs of a bad commercial dock leveler and when it may be time to replace a current dock leveler. This blog will explain the warning signs, so you know when to replace a bad dock leveler.

Poorly Maintained Dock Leveler

When it comes to commercial dock levelers, maintenance is key. If a commercial dock leveler is not maintained, it can actually be very dangerous to work with and around. When a device has not been properly serviced, it can run into problems and cause damage to your business. A poorly maintained commercial dock leveler may also result in injuries or even fatalities.

In addition to greasing all moving parts on your dock leveler during the maintenance process, you should also make sure that all bolts are tight and that there are no missing parts. If any part of a dock leveler has become damaged or worn down over time, you should replace it immediately before it causes further damage to your property or causes harm to anyone who uses it.

The Dock Leveler Makes Noises When You Use It

A noisy dock leveler is a sign that something is wrong with it. If there is excessive rattling when using your dock leveler, then this could indicate that something is loose or broken inside of it. If no one has ever repaired or replaced this piece of equipment before, then it might be time for you to look for a new one.

The Dock Leveler Falls Back Down After Being Raised

If the leveler falls down after being raised, then it could be due to a faulty spring. The spring needs to be replaced or repaired. Another reason could be that the chains are not properly connected to the wheel, and you need to check and make sure that they are properly connected.

The Dock Leveler Does Not Line Up With The Truck

If the dock leveler doesn’t line up with your truck, you could be in trouble. When the dock leveler is not aligned properly, it can cause damage to your truck. This can be especially problematic if you are loading a heavy load and have to use an extension ladder or ramp. The weight of the load may cause the dock leveler to come out of alignment, which can result in serious damage to your truck or trailer. You will need your dock leveler repaired right away.

Gaps Between the Edges of the Dock Leveler And The Loading Dock

If there is too much space between the edges of your dock leveler and your loading dock, then this may be an indication that your dock leveler needs maintenance or repair work done on it.

If there are cracks in the pavement near where your dock leveler meets your loading dock, then this can be another sign that you need to have maintenance or repair work done on your dock leveler right away.

Prestige Loading Dock And Door Has Your Back

At Prestige Loading Dock and Door, when you see warning signs of a bad dock leveler, we have your back. Each of our employees is an expert technician in loading dock installation, replacement and repair. We want each customer to call us when they see the warning signs of a bad dock leveler so we can prevent any events that could hurt anyone or damage other essential machines such as a delivery truck.